About Us:



Pakistan Canoe and Kayak Federation (PCKF) is non-profit National constituent Governing body for Canoe and Kayak sports in Pakistan and adjacent areas. It represents all those persons and groups with a genuine interest in canoe and kayak paddlers. PCKF is the only National Federation in Pakistan promoting and developing canoe and kayak Olympic Sports events, activities in the Country on National and International level.

Pakistan Canoe & Kayak Federation is affiliated on international level with International Canoe Federation (ICF) and on Asian level with Asian Canoe Confederation (ACC) according to its own constitution.                       

PCKF, Council / Executive Board:


  1. Chief Patron: Miss Rahilla Hameed Durrani. Provincial Minister.
  2. Patron:Shaikh Saeed-Ul-Hassan mandokhail. Senator.
  3. Patron: Nasrullah Khan Wazir. (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa).
  4. Patron: Shaikh Abdullah Mandokhail. (Balochistan / Islamabad).
  5. Patron: Nazeer Kurd. (Police) Balochistan.
  6. Patron: Mohammad Hashim Khan Ghalzai.
  7. President: Malik Abdul Rahim Baabai. (Balochistan).
  8. Senior Vice President: Mohammad Zubair Aslam. (Islamabad).
  9. Vice President:-Eng: Naseebullah Khan Sadozai. (Balochistan).
  10. 2nd Vice President: Nazeer Ahmad Baajwa. (Punjab).
  11. 3rd Vice President: Tehsinullah Khan. (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa).
  12. General Secretary: Hayatullah Khan Durrani (POP).
  13. Joint Secretary: Sardarzada Samiullah Khan Sadozai. (Balochistan).
  14. Finance Secretary: Imran Khan Durrani. (Balochistan).
  15. Associate Secretary: Muneer Ahmed. (Punjab).
  16. Associate Secretary: Habibullah Khan Sadozai. (Balochistan).
  17. Press Secretary / Media Officer:-Mohammad Aslam Kassi. (Balochistan).
  18. Office Secretary:-Mohammad Abubakar Durrani. (Balochistan).
  19. Ladies Coordinator: Miss Tehmina Mehak Jafar.
  20. Ladies Youth Director: Miss bakhtawar Tareen.
  21. Legal Advisor: Mazhar Ali Khan (Advocate High Court ).