Welcome To Hayat Durrani Water Sports Academy

Water Sports in Balochistan:

Water Sports first time in the history of Balochistan was started with rafting, Kayaking, Canoeing, Rowing & Boating in Balochistan under the auspicious of Hayat Durrani Water Sports Academy (BRA), (BCA) at Hanna Lake Quetta in 1989 and Hana Lake Development Authority Quetta. (HLDA)   started assistance to HDWSA in 1993.


Thanks to Pakistan Customs Sports Board Quetta for Main Sponsorship of the activities of HDWSA at Hanna Lake Training base Quetta.

Hayat Durrani Water Sports Academy (HDWSA):

HDWSA is the only water sports training academy / Center at Hanna Lake in Balochistan where is all kind of facilities for Kayaking, Canoeing and Rowing are available for HDWSA and all the member of PCSB, BCA, BRA BSA affiliated with Pakistan Canoe and Kayak Federation / ICF, ACC and Pakistan Rowing Federation (Islamabad) and Pakistan Sailing Federation.

(HDWSA) found in 1989 on the eve of 22nd April the birth day of Hayatullah Khan Durrani as non-profit earning water sports welfare Academy consisting of young boys and girls dedicated for the promotion of Kayaking, Rowing and Sailing sports in Balochistan to protect new generation from the critical abuse of drugs Providing them voluntarily with maximum healthy sporting opportunities by organizing training camps / National & Provincial level championships under the ages of Balochistan Canoeing, Sailing and Rowing Association’s. 95 % of all the players receiving training facilities are students’ of schools and Colleges of Balochistan. The Activities of HDWSA are financed by the self-help method donations/ subscriptions from the members & BCSB Quetta.

Visit of Chairman Senate Sports of Pakistan to HDWSA.

Honorable Chairman Standing Committee Sports Senate of Pakistan senator Zafar Iqbal Chaudhary accompanied by Addl’ Sec’ sports Isb, worthy Minister Sports, Secretary Sports and Director sports Government of Balochistan visited Hayat Durrani Water Sports Academy at Hanna Lake on 27th April 2007 to witness the performance of the players and activities of    HDWSA /Rowing & Canoeing Associations sponsored by Customs Rowing and Canoeing Club and Customs Sports Board Quetta.

The Chairman with delegation traveled in umpire motor boat in lake and witnesses the on water training of the players with Mr. Hayatullah Khan Durrani (Pride-of-Performance) Chief executive Hayat Durrani Water Sports Academy ( HDWSA )   Hanna lake water sports training center, Secretary Customs Sports Board Quetta.

Furthermore the Chairman Senate standing committee Sports meet the players who achieved one silver and four Bronze Medals in the 30th National Games 2007 Karachi. He expressed his full satisfaction on the training and facilities provided to the players by BRA and BCA sponsored by Customs Sports Board Quetta. He appreciated the role of Pakistan Customs Quetta and Hayatullah Khan Durrani (Pride-of-Performance) for promotion of water sports activities at Hanna Lake Quetta.
Finally the Chairman meets the youngest Canoeist of Customs Rowing and Canoeing Club Quetta Master Mohammad Abubakar Durrani winner of Silver and one Bronze Medals in the 30th National Games canoeing events. Mohammad Abubakar Durrani is a first 13 years youngest Canoeist medal holder in the history of Pakistan